Zoomaroo cars at kiosk parking lot

Benefits to You:

We offer a Worry-Free Solution

You can add our innovative rides to your mall without adding hassle or costs.

  • Contemporary: we did the research and we keep doing it so you have the most popular ride and vending options.
  • Flexible: adapt our “step up and try me” kiosks anywhere in your mall and offer flexible payment options.
  • Complete, No Cost Solution: we handle the entire set up—you are up and running in no time, at no cost.
  • Ongoing Support: online monitoring of every kiosk enables our technicians to proactively plan preventative maintenance and service visits while maintaining operational uptime.
  • Ongoing Shopper Engagement: take advantage of shopper loyalty rewards programs, special benefits (e.g., VIP accounts, reserve a ride) and cross-promotions.
  • Fun Rides
  • Multiple Choices
  • Safe
  • Practical
  • Easy to Maneuver

Benefits to Your Customers

We are Perfect for Today’s Mall Audience

Your shoppers have changed. They expect more. Now, deliver a mall experience they won’t forget:

  • Colorful, contemporary rides that kids can’t resist—they’ll want to try them all
  • Practical features—cup holders, handles, trays—that parents love
  • Easy to maneuver, smooth ride
  • Quality construction, seat belts, and amazing designs

Benefits to Both of You:

By going with Zoomaroo, you are going with the industry leader

Zoomaroo is part of Innovative Vending Solutions LLC., a leading provider of inventive self-service customer experience solutions for malls and other retail environments. Today’s retailers are focused more than ever on ways to deliver the experiences that customers remember.

Innovative is today’s premier vendor of massage chairs with a portfolio of 7,000+ chairs in over 500 mall properties, 29 airport locations and 100+ travel plazas. We are proud to be the national/exclusive operator for prominent developers such as Starwood, Rouse, CBL, PREIT, JLL, among others.

Innovative currently operates in 53% of all enclosed malls in the country. Innovative was the first to integrate USB ports allowing shoppers to charge their mobile devices during their massage. And was the first and only operator to accept credit/mobile payment on every chair. These and other conveniences enhance the shopper’s experience, increases dwell time and significantly boosts sales. Our current platform also allows for remote monitoring and automated health reporting that enables Innovative to maintain an operational readiness above 99.7%, a metric that no other operator can even measure.